2021 Internship Opportunities

The Ida B. Wells Society will be partnering with various news organizations to offer student IBWS members paid internship opportunities this summer that include training, mentorship and experience with some of the top investigative journalists in the country. All internships are full-time and remote. We’ll be adding more opportunities to this list throughout April so keep an eye out.

You will find position and application details for individual internships on the following pages. Please be sure that you have all the required materials in your application and that everything is submitted before the deadline. Applicants are welcome to apply for more than one internship. You must be a registered Ida B. Wells Society member to qualify. Late and/or incomplete applications will not be considered.

Current application deadlines. To apply, click the link in pages below:

The New York Times 5 p.m. Eastern April 19 Application ClosedPage 2
The Miami Herald5 p.m. Eastern April 23 Application ClosedPage 3
USA Today5 p.m. Eastern May 1 Application ClosedPage 4
The Associated Press5 p.m. Eastern May 14 Application ClosedPage 5
ProPublica5 p.m. Eastern May 28 Application ClosedPage 6

Contact Rhema Bland at rhema.bland@unc.edu for more information about internship opportunities.

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